My idea after viewing this TED Talk probably isn’t an entirely new idea and it’s probably flawed, but I wanted to share it because everything starts from an idea, right? Knowledge is power.

What if the US government encouraged big international US businesses to outsource low-skill jobs to underdeveloped countries, collected a business tax for each dollar spent on outsourced labor wages (individual labor cost with the tax would still be dramatically lower than US minimum wage – PPP) and then directly used that tax for higher education funding so college would be more financially accessible for Americans?

Results (under the assumption that basic ethics and appropriate labor regulations can be set, followed and routinely audited): Cheaper labor = Lower costs for US goods = Higher capital profit inflow from abroad to offset capital outflow of wages. Infrastructure development around the world = Fewer immigrants needing to come to the US to find jobs = Improved efficiency in use of global resources (labor, space, education and funds) = Faster growth/advancement. Expansion of economic exchanges throughout the global marketplace = Higher need and more tools for global partnership/compromise = More opportunities to establish connections for the disbursement of wealth, information and equality. A more accessible/utilized education system in the US = Faster growth/advancement for the creation of specialized jobs in the US in place of outsourced low-skill jobs = More knowledge for everyone = More power for everyone.

Just an idea.

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