A few days before I left for South Korea, I went to Bank of America to order foreign currency (Korean Won).  Paying a dollar amount upfront at the bank and waiting a few days for the bank to receive the foreign currency from another location can slash all exchange fees.  This is definitely the most cost-efficient exchange option and can save you a significant portion of your funds.

Anyways, there was an older man in line to deposit some checks, and he started to complain about the wait time rather loudly and abruptly.  A BoA representative approached the man to direct him to one of the many open ATMs, which would allow him to quickly and efficiently deposit the checks.  The man snapped back and said that the machines never work, the bank should be staffing more tellers to service him, this was all so ridiculous, and yada yada.  His presence was rather unsettling, and it negatively affected everyone around him.  It got me thinking, and I have two things to say about this.

First, if this was his outrageous reaction to a five-minute wait at the bank, I can’t even imagine what the rest of his life looks like.  I felt pity for him.  Positivity is contagious; unfortunately, negativity is, too.

Second, these days, a bank teller’s job responsibilities should ideally only cover duties that ATMs can’t complete.  ATMs were invented to automate a lot of banking processes so that banking could be more cost- and time-efficient for both consumers and financial institutions.  If you don’t genuinely attempt to understand and use innovative ideas or machines like ATMs, you can’t blame anyone else for how your ignorance affects your life.  His rudeness was unnecessary and unfounded.

Society is naturally going to adapt to innovation, and it’s negligent not to adapt with it.  I’ve noticed some of this negligence in many other everyday situations, as well.  Even adapting little-by-little every day saves you efficiency in the bigger picture, despite how annoying change can be.  It’s critical to remain open-minded and appreciative of technology not only to improve your own life but to also move with the flow of society so you don’t become a bitter, old man in a bank line one day.

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